PC open beta for Elite Dangerous Season 3 starts in two weeks

The Gaming Nexus staff's favorite space sim, Elite Dangerous, is making moves this year. The PC open beta begins January 25 for Season 3. Season 3 starts with Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One. While the open beta for Beyond – Chapter One is free, I'm not sure if that means:

  • free without purchase
  • free with vanilla Elite Dangerous
  • free if you've purchased purchased both vanilla Elite Dangerous and the Horizons Season Pass

Not sure. Frontier Developments will have to clarify. It says the open beta will be "available to all PC Elite Dangerous players," so I'm going to wager that means a minimum purchase of vanilla Elite Dangerous is required.

Anyway. I'll be there, regardless. Season 3 focuses on the continuing military campaign against the alien Thargoids. A new combatant ship, the Chieftain, thankfully breaks the mold of the current lineup of spacecraft. The planets, conspicuously only given two or three color tones before, will now sport deeper textures and a richer palette. And, so so that color palette doesn't go to waste, every ship's paint job will be more reflective, taking on the color schemes of the galaxy around them.

Again, PC open beta for Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One starts in two weeks, on January 25.

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