Splatoon is a multiplayer shooter for introverts and I love it

I read a wonderful thing once about ants, and it made me love them more than I did already - and I already really loved ants. This thing I read - I cannot remember the source or the specifics - talked about how ants construct their nests, how they achieve a level of intelligence together that no single ant actually possesses. The thrust of this, as I remember it, is that ants are very good at counting. As they wander off in the morning to do something useful, they count the number of ants they see doing the various things they are doing, and through this counting, the ant who is looking for something useful to be a part of builds up a sense of where they are most needed.

This is beautiful, isn't it? I love the idea that dutiful, purposeful ants living together in massive communities might also, in their own ways, be allowed to be introverts: living amongst one another but enjoying their own worlds, retaining a cherished space inside their own heads.

I'm going to go there: I think ants would enjoy Splatoon.. By which I mean Splatoon 2, and by which I mean: I think ants would enjoy Splatoon for the same reason I do. Splatoon, as you hopefully know by now, is an online shooter based around short, frantic games that play out on intricate maps. What I did not know until I started playing it, was that it's worth checking out even if you don't normally like online shooters - and over the last few weeks I've been trying to work out why that might be.

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